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Specialist cleaning

throughout Colchester and the wider Essex area.

For Healthcare

Maintaining hospitals, surgeries and other healthcare premises to high standard of cleanliness is paramount. Our team can remove threatening bio-hazards such as blood, faeces, vomit and urine, providing a safe environment for your staff and patients alike. We can also provide similar services for police vehicles and cells.

For Washrooms

Due to heavy and regular usage, public toilets and washrooms can become breeding grounds for germs and disease. The experts at Hygiene Clean can provide complete washroom cleaning services along with premium supplies and steam cleaning throughout Colchester and surrounds. We offer a 24/7 service.

For Offices

Offices can be surprisingly unhygienic places. When you consider the germs harboured in a computer keyboard, it's no surprise that up to 3% of working hours are lost every year to sick days. Our team can ensure that your office or commercial premises in the Essex area are sanitary.

For Education

If you run a nursery, school, or anywhere where children will be spending prolonged periods, then you'll know the importance of keeping equipment clean and free from germs. Our specialist cleaning services will ensure that the children in your care can learn and play in a hygienic environment.

A clean hygienic dental surgery